As a business owner, you may often find yourself asking: Are there any technological solutions out there that will help my organization make better use of its time? Or, how you can I leverage cutting-edge technology to improve my company’s productivity?

Most companies spend a large amount of their resources on hiring the ‘right’ talent. They assume that hiring the right people will automatically ensure higher levels of productivity. However, in an era of technology, where the Internet and social media are omnipresent, even the best employees end up being less productive. That’s not hard to believe. Between real-time news feeds, instant messaging, social networks, online gaming and video websites; it’s amazing that your staff accomplishes anything at all.

How can you protect your business from these potential pitfalls? There comes TimeNox – Employee Monitoring Software in work. With TimeNox employee-monitoring software you can take charge of how your employees use the Internet. You can eliminate excessive, non-business Internet activity, which simultaneously increases productivity and virtually eliminates the legal liability. Additionally, observing your employees ongoing performance will provide you with valuable information about how to improve their effectiveness on the job.

Here are Some ways in which an employee monitoring software can help your organization maintain high levels of efficiency and ensure greater productivity.

  • Control Internet Access
  • Track employee internet usage
  • Monitor progress for employee-focused training
  • Delegate responsibilities and avoid bottlenecks
  • Virus and malware prevention
  • Screenshot and Keystroke Logging
  • Applications Monitoring and Filtering
  • Centralized Real-time Monitoring, Deployment and Administration

Employees are often considered the greatest assets of an organization. But getting the best out of them is not always an easy task. Use the right employee activity monitoring tools to enhance employee efficiency and boost business productivity.

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