Commonly referred to by such names as online scheduling software, online booking applications and online scheduler, an online scheduling system is a Web-based application that allows individuals to conveniently and securely book their appointments and reservations online through any Web-connected device, such as a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. They typically access the online scheduling system through a “Book Now” button found on a Web site or page, or from a URL provided to them by the business facility. Once a date and time are selected, the system will automatically confirm the booking and instantly record it within the system, without any staff action needed.

Online appointment scheduling systems are not only time-saving agents but income-generating assistants too, that provide operational convenience and promote relations built with your patients.
Setagendas-Online Scheduling Software is extremely flexible, simple and a complete appointment booking system. Bookings, re-bookings, cancellations, reminders, follow-ups and various other functionalities can now be easily handled with Setagendas with efficiency and without all the fuss that is associated with online appointment scheduling systems.
The benefits tied to these online scheduling services are many and often interconnected :
  • Convenience, Ease, Accessibility
  • Time savings
  • Keeping slots full/Reducing no-shows
  • 24/7 Hour Convenience
  • Customer self-scheduling
  • Information Management
  • Less time on the phone
  • No need for your own site
  • Client convenience
  • More time to spend with clients
  • Added flexibility for customers
  • More time for your staff
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Staff scheduling
  • Professional system without the cost
As mentioned before, there are many benefits to implementing Setagendas-Online Scheduling Software at your business. In fact, there are many more than just the ones listed above. But for those reasons only, Setagendas-Online Scheduling Software is more than worth it.
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