It may seem futuristic or like something out of a sci-fi movie but biometric systems are making their way into workplaces in both high security and general public industries. From fingerprint timekeeping to hand print computer access, implementing a biometric attendance system can help save businesses thousands of dollars annually in time saved during payroll and in time theft.

Biometrics based time and attendance terminals are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market because of their many benefits. These can be used as the sole means of registering attendance, or used to verify identity in combination with a swipe which must be used to gain access to pre-approved areas.

Biometrics terminals read a person’s unique fingerprint, iris, hand shape, or face shape, they ensure that employees cannot clock in for one another, thereby preventing employee time theft. Biometric attendance systems and Attendance Software are quickly gaining foothold in most offices and institutions, all thanks to an increased need for transparency and accountability, flexible work culture, and a mobile workforce.

Advantages of a Biometric Attendance System

1- No Proxy Attendance
2- Real-Time Data
3- Enhances Punctuality
4- Saves time while managing attendance
5- Payroll Error Reduction
6- Allow Transparency to an employer
7- Improve employee job satisfaction.
8- Increase Productivity
9- Establish Accountability
10- Enhance Loss Prevention
11- Boost Operational Efficiency
12- Create efficient work schedules for adequate coverage

The accuracy in biometrics maximizes productivity and profits, even if minimizing labor costs. Employees plus get your hands on the help of increasing their productivity and accountability. Considering the many assist to implementing this cost-saving system into the employee attendance system, employers have all excuse to thoroughly influence Biometric Attendance Systems.

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