Companies and government – no matter how large and dexterously-usual they are, they always focus upon the ways that can pro them in monitoring employee court conflict, save their important data from any batter, pay for you enlarged entry to transform the influence into contemporary world and skirmish out a lot more. Employee monitoring is definitely one of the most important reduction to desist in mind. Management and companies always see for the speak to looking tool or software systems that can make their action simple; though have enough maintenance admission to monitor employees from anywhere and anytime.
TimeNox is the employee monitoring software taking into account many assist features. Monitoring your entire network from one centralized location couldn’t be easier! TimeNox employee monitoring software allows you to track workstations and individual users that may use join up PC’s on the subject of a network. TimeNox allows you to take steps employee monitoring, content filtering, internet website monitoring and more – from one centralized location upon the network.

There are numerous added benefits and advantages associated with such software systems that help in monitoring employee performance.
1- Events timeline logging
2- Website activity
3- Actual Screenshot monitoring
4- View and Monitor on Employees in Real Time
5- Application usages
6- Keystroke monitoring
7- Documents opened
8- Employee Monitoring From a CENTRAL LOCATION!
Combining real-time surveillance with individual user monitoring and security auditing, TimeNox is the most comprehensive employee monitoring solution available!
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