Complete SAAS ready windows desktop application plus admin web application , branded in your own name.

  • Dramatically improve the productivity of teams
  • Reduce time spent on distractions
  • SAAS Ready
  • Self Hosted on any linux server with minimum requirements
  • Help improve business processes by analyzing exactly where time is spent
  • Dramatically reduce wasted time and improve the time spent on productive activities
  • Help companies to be able to manage remote workers just as if they were in the same office, maintaining a high level of productivity when working remotely

Here is the download link for the software demo ( )
The URL connection and login is pre-filled inside this , so it will automatically connect to the demo link with user : , once you install and run it .

This will give you a complete overview of the system.

Link :

For overview of the software ,please check screenshots and videos that are available on Youtube .

Version 2 Released (What’s New)

Released May 1st 2017

Staying productive at work is about getting more done in less time.
Everything you need in one place.

  • Includes all features of Version1
  • Seamless integration
  • Effective Alarm & Notifications
  • Powerful and Insightful Reporting
  • Customization and Stability improved
  • Allow to modify Login Credentials
  • Complete data and user privacy
  • Flexible Configurations for users and company
  • Introducing Time line and logs books update of activity and clock-in/clock-out with some cool features

For Demo – Click Here 

For further details and documentation please go at TimeNox

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