Goods and Services tax is enormously a enlightened step, which has ushered in a supplementary epoch of taxation in India. GST, monster a gather together tax on the fabricate, sale and, consumption of goods and facilities, throughout the nation, has replaced a number of taxes, for instance, excise adherence, VAT, service tax and much more. GST have gain people to pay taxes of their own pact, the biggest finance and taxation reforms in India have been beneficial for common man, as it have bypass the adding together cess of taxes, for instance once eating out in restaurants.
As the many foster comes subsequent to GST, there are some ambiguity also comprehensible in handling transactions. The administrative and financial complexity of handling GST transactions makes it unpleasant to use a GST disease accounting software. On implementation of GST, the calculations get your hands on distorted as GST impacts concerning sales, purchases as competently as upon expenses.
Although, this adjust can be easily addressed gone a notable adoption of a personalized, GST software! GST software is a pragmatic append for Indian retailers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturing houses to fathom the complexities of GST tax structure.
Exfi is the most advanced and lightest GST software solution for your billing, invoicing, stock and accounting needs. It is packed with full GST complaint billings and HSN codes. It will ease your billing and accounting .
  • Exfi Billing allows you to transform data into powerful interactive dashboard.
  • Start visualizing performance, notifications and reports with charts, graphs, date and time and much more.
  • Capture all the details you need, like GSTIN, HSN/SAC code, and a neat break down of taxes applied.
  • And yes, you can also customize your invoices to suit your brand.
  • Manage Stocks with Features like Stocks Running Out Notifications.
  • Data backup and restoration
  • The ability to ‘Import’ and ‘Export’ bulk of clients data, product & services data
  • Enable you to manage layout and print invoices in a variety of sizes and configurations
Many small as well as large business owners are getting benefit from EXFI GST Software. If you are running a small business and need GST complaint billing software, Please contact us today !
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