Every business has a transaction cycle – both incoming & outgoing cash flow comes under this cycle. It starts from quotations, invoices, inventory and many other depending on the business type & volume. Maintaining all the trade transactions, which includes purchase record till sales history is difficult for any business, yet essential at the financial year end. For a small to medium size business, keeping an accountant or a dedicated finance person is expensive and not a good investment.
On top of that the GST is applied, Now every businesses require to provide a GST tax invoice. To answer all these need for small & medium size businesses, EXFI brings the ultimate solution for any retailer, restaurant or service provider.
EXFI GST Software designed to solve every day operational issue faced by small-scale business person. Starting from billing to sale, purchase and inventory, EXFI  keeps an eye on every single transaction that takes place. A one stop solution to answer all your need related to billing sand invoicing.
  • Exfi Billing allows you to transform data into powerful interactive dashboard. Start visualizing performance, notifications and reports with charts, graphs, date and time and much more.
  • Capture all the details you need, like GSTIN, HSN/SAC code, and a neat break down of taxes applied. And yes, you can also customize your invoices to suit your brand.
  • Manage Stocks with Features like Stocks Running Out Notifications.
  • Data backup and restoration
  • The ability to ‘Import’ and ‘Export’ bulk of clients data, product & services data
Exfi helps you to grow your business without limits, while you maintain complete control over important company information and data.
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To know more about Exfi, view Exfi brochure : http://exfi.in/brochure.pdf